Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My favorite time of the year! has arrived along with the ever lingering smell of cinnamon and hot chocolate at my house and running around in Chrismas jammies...mine are red fleece pants and top full of teddy bears, hot chocolate mugs, and christmas trees... so enough about my jammies but on to my wishlist its ridiculously long and expensive so...but its christmas and maybe Jiminy Cricket will put in a good word for me with Santa

Prismacolor 112 Premier Colored Pencils....Pencil colors in every shade imaginable is my dream come true...perfect for my sketches(not that they're that good)

A polaroid parents own a digital camera which i'll use once in a while but i really want a polaroid camera there so old school and how fun would it be to just fool with your friends and take polaroid artys, non?
Books! I'm a book kind of girl, i read classics, teeny boppers(you know Gossip Girl) traveling guides, photo books, history books but i've yet to delve into the world of fashion books.The Golden Age of Couture which is a book of Couture pieces....i totally want it come on couture is heaven and th closest i'll get to it for now are photos in a book
Balenciaga Paris...Balenciaga is the number one designer ever so a book i'll read over and over again
Dior is turning 60 if i'm correct this year and its such a legendary house that this book must be really great

This lambie gift set from Bath and Body works...because everyone needs they're little beauty oasis and who doesn't want lamb slippers and a cute eye mask
Lanvin...looks like an excellent book i love cute chubby teddy bear like Alber Elbaz and his gorgeous designs that are changing the house of Lanvin so a book about him and the house is perfect
These cute vintage Moschino gloves from ebay because gloves are so hot this season and they're so sophisticated, chic and cute
These Citrine by Stone set of three not much of a jewelry girl but i love these basic bangles in eye popping colors

Daybirgeretmikkelsen's a bit overwhelming especially in black but yet its so beautiful it would spice up any outfit from a v neck white shirt with jeans to a jewel colored minidress
This white Kenneth Jay Lane bangle is so simple but its also really cool and adds spice to any outfit
This very cute bracelet by's very wintery with the purple, black and silver with gold...its very pretty and perfect for every occasion


Lacoste Retro tennis bag...i love tennis and i need a new bag for tournaments and games(and i probably might get this one)but i want it in red

I think this is the classic Miu Miu bag and i love it especially in this color so if this would be under the tree i would cry...maybe...probably
This Burberry Prosrum studded bag is so different and i love it it looks big enough to take as a carryon bag for traveling...who cares if its not big enough but its gorgeous and so different
The classic Chanel 2.55 in classic black of course because its a classic!!! Which means you will own this baby for the rest of your life and can use it for the rest of your life

This very cute Derek Lam clutch in a metallic clutch and with ram head detail...clutches are huge this season and i love this one
This Hermes shopper...its a gorgeous print and buying this shopper will help the environment so you won't use plastic bags when you go shopping...i would love this print in a scarf too

Marni bag with stone detail is also a very different looking handbag in a sea of It bags this one sets its mark and its very art deco i think
These Stella McCartney Fuschia pumps they are every girls dream come true...i always wanted what I call Barbie pumps which are beautfiul pink pumps...and Stella McCartney got it right on par

These Louboutin sort of ruched booties...they're not the typicals smooth patent booties they are gorgeous leather sort of bad girl booties
Marni colorblocked wedges...i know colorblocked wedges seem weird but even a girl used to living in heels sometimes needs to rest and wedges work well

These Miu Miu pumps in black and grey...i later saw them in nude satin and they are much cuter but i'll add that later...which are perfect for everything, dresses, skirts, pants

These cute Pedro Garcia flats...even though i love heels i knew i at least have to have some cute flats and these flats are gorgeous color and look exquisite
Sergio Rossi metallic pumps with black detailing now if you go with your usual lbd for holiday parties these puppies will make your outfit pop
Alexander McQueen pumps....Dorothy would be proud and i certainly am i love these and they're santa's favorite color
McQueen zipper detail flats for all the biker chicks in us but don't go overboard with it and wear a biker jacket and stud belt with these one at a time everyone
These Chloe flat boots which are also biker chic and would give a funky edge to minidresses and skirts
These wood looking Fendi platforms because brown platforms are my absolute favorite so these will be a wonderful addition to my wall of brown platforms
Last but certainly not least is black patent flat boots i want a pair so badly these are Jimmy Choos so they're worth a small fortune but it would be a dream to find black patent flat boots for like a fraction of the price
Now on to the clothes.....
The lanvin top that chloe is working in the above picture..i fell in love with it but i've never found it online so i haven't had a chance to buy it

This Kate Moss for Topshop beaded dress...if you don't already know i'm in love with the 20's...feathers,sequins, and bobs...and this is just an amazing dress
This colorblocked Pucci dress...i love the blue bow detail and its perfect for that difficult transition from fall to winter

This feathered Marchesa dress because its gorgeous and i think every girl should own one Marchesa dress to make her feel fabulous no matter what
This Proenza Schouler it looks like its probably hard to carry off in real life but confidence is everthing and i absoultely love the embellishment
This Derek Lam dress...its so simple yet chic and would be perfect for everyday winter wear
Again Derek Lam with a swing skirt, belt and grey top this is also a good winter look and so it won't be so drag try it with bold colored pumps or a statement jacket
Dior resort dress i'm so in love with this dress the color the feathers the tailoring its absolutely perfect for me
This cute little black dress from DKNY is perfect because its a great silhouette and you can make it daring and bold with colored tights, platforms, or bold jacket and accessories
This Christopher Kane dress made of velvet and leather which is to die for..i remember when i was ten i wore a blue velvet dress with purple ombre embroidering and i fell in love with it but it doesn't fit me and this Kane confection is just the ticket
Every single color of the V neck American Apparel T-shirt
This yellow green Armani dress which is a stunning color that will have everyone looking at you
This Balenciaga dress from the 2006 collection which i've wished for every Christmas since i saw it...maybe this is my year
This pink Christian Lacroix dress because its pink and girly and would make anyone feel like a goddess
This other Christian Lacroix dress i love the print and....what don't i love about Christian Lacroix?
I know that i hardly if ever post about pants or shirts because i am a dress's weird i own jeans and shirts but i'm just so attracted to mom thinks its an addiction
And that is all for now since i'm sure i'll find much more...i'll be gone to Houston for Thanksgiving holidays and i think we're off to Brazil for the Christmas holidays though of course i'll be home for the 24th and the 25th so i'll be seeing you in some time but just in case things don't work out i wish everyone an early Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza


Kristin said...

i love your blog! that miu miu bag IS SO georgeous and i think i WOULD cry if it was under my tree=) how much is it by the way? and this is going to sound terribly stupid, i know, but what is the name of your blog? the url or whats at the top? its just i link up to people and use the name at the top and get yelled at telling me the name is their URL. lol. so yeah. haha. you can contact me back at my blog. happy thanksgiving =)!

Fabi said...

you have me droooooling here....I'd be "ok" with the proenza dress, the black necklace and perhaps the lanvin necklace :P

and an advanced happy holidays by the way!! =)

Fabi said...

oops...I meant the lanvin book heehee

Carolina Lange said...

Great list! So many amazing choices, my favourite is the Miu Miu bag, I love it!

Sally Jane said...

Wow, that's quite a list. I love the color pencils and the Topshop beaded dress. I also want an old school Polaroid camera to snap photos with.

The Clothes Horse said...

My wishlist is very similar, my gift list however is much more in my family's price range. Excellent taste.

Kristin said...
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LML said...

love the wish list! im lusting after all those things as well!

and look @ for some patent boots - i swear ive seen some that look just like it a few months ago

coco said...

I love that black necklace it is so amazingly cool
I want it so badly
I also really want the Miu Miu bag
The Couture book is very good, I got it at the exhibition which was amazing!

WendyB said...

The Moschino gloves are so, so cute. I was just checking out the Burberry studded bag in the store about an hour ago!

Cris Lazoru said...

Fab post! I want ALL of those books.


Heather said...

Love your jewelry choices, and you can't go wrong with Prismacolor!