Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm truly sorry to anyone who reads this blog that i haven't posted in some time but it's not because i've forgotten about it but unfortunately there have been some family problems. But all is normal(well as normal as it gets)now and I'm happily back on my blog. Now to start things of i recently read Emma's blog and loved the new post(as i love all her posts). I go to a private school which means uniforms so no Back 2 School freakout I get to be a perfectly sane person and shop form my fall clothes! And of course it's mid-August and humid as a blowfish so of course opera gloves, booties and fur coats aren't exactly needed as of right now. As of right now I'm reading The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky and it's quite good so far but i doubt it'll be the literary masterpieces of War and Peace & Anna Karenina or the quirky humor of the Master and the Margarita. All I have to say is Russians in the early 20th century were extremely fashionable. How I would love to wear a floor length dress walking down the nevsky so here are the pictures my dear countesses!

A lovely necklace from Net A Porter for all those want to be countesses who don't have access to the Romanovs jewels.
A black military inspired coat from shopbop because its oh so very Trotsky!
A jeweled cuff to go along with the first necklace big bauble for much less buck at shopbop.
Seeing as how we live in the 21st century not the 19th century you can't really walk everywhere in couture floor length gowns like below so this floor length concoction from shopbop will do
Gorgeous drop earring with rubies and pearls from Net A Porter a must have for everyone very classic

Finally a black and blue stoned necklace from Shopbop which you can wear to make your inner Russian princess shine.

And know my favorite part...if i was as rich as the Romanovs i would definitely buy these babies

A classic floor length black gown with a flared skirt and detailed sleeves is perfect for all those winter balls...from the genius Christian Lacroix Couture Collection
This pink confection with navy blue cape is ideal for those all those after dinner sleigh rides....again from Christian Lacroix
The perfect floor length gown for those afternoon picnics with your siginificant other....from Christian Lacroix(god was smiling upon the fashion world when he created this man)
A dazzling floor length strapless white gown to match the white snow on a winters evening walk down the Nevsky...from Giorgio Armani Couture Collection
A floor length black gown and white feather trimmed cape from the Kaiser Karl Lagerfeld for those evening operas.
A gray gown and pink cape for strolls on your country estate...from Chanel Couture Collection
Only this equestrian outfit from Jean Paul Gaultier is fit for Russian royalty going on horseback

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lazy Summer Days

Long gone are the days of summer....well not necessarily true but school starts in a week(well for me) and fall is right around the corner so to brighten up these last days of sunshine this post is about my favorites from the resort collections...each collection was as different as each designers personality. Prints varied from delicate flowers to in your face leopard and you could find everything from swimsuits to delicate frocks to floor grazing gowns worthy of royalty(for some weird reason ever since i was a young girl i've had some strange obsession with Russian know anastasia and the likes). Of course a girl can dream and my dream vacation would be in Latvia on the Crimean so here are my picks for what i would wear these last few days of summer
Right of the Dior runway this swimsuit is definitely not meant to swim in and in this print and baby blue color this swimsuit is meant to be worn beachside
This pink swimsuit and floor length cover up and wide brimmed hat would be ideal for strolling along by the pool and for a walk in the gardens of the Livadia Palace

This little white dress with leopard print from John Galliano is perfect for afternoon tea in the parlor overlooking the oceanThis amazing feathered number in a beautiful jewel tone red from once again Dior is worthy of any grand duchess to wear to a cocktail party

This floor length tiered pink dress from the one the only the legend oscar de la renta just right for those summer luncheons on the large balcony
Finally this white and blue floor length gown from the boys Badgley Mishka will make you outshine the stuffy czaristas ball gowns at that final dinner

My posts have been so/so lately but they'll get better soon these days as i go back to school...i'm a much better writer so i really need to step it up

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fall Rantings

Fall is right around the corner unfortunately that means back to school but fortunately that means going shopping for fall and my favorite collections for fall were Balenciaga(which seems to be the runway show for fall) Louis Vuitton(the colors were to die for) and Prada(first time around it looks wrong with all those fabrics and textures but then you grow into it) but the collection that is on my mind for fall is the See By Chloe with its gray tights, booties and bright dresses.
So here are my picks so farTop: Red dress from Urban Outfitters Bottom: London Top from Delia's
Pair the white bubble sleeved dress under the red tank dress with the gray tights from american apparel(under) and the black booties(below the gray tights)

This green top is from Forever 21 and when you pair it with the cranberry pencil skirt from American Apparel it looks almost like something off the LV runwayOf course Balenciaga's spring/summer runway collection was very talked about because of its futuristic dresses and leggings here's a picture just in case you forgot(uggh remember when beyonce wore the futuristic leggings)

As much as I loved the collection with it's unique leggings and dresses and amazing shoes like always but I was watching Star Wars with my brother the other day and got a different feel for futuristic clothingSo all three outfits are from Star Wars Episode II(courtesy of the Young Padawan's Guide to Star Wars Costumes) and were worn by Padme Amidala played by the lovely Natalie Portman and I thought they were amazing the first two are sketches of two outfits she uses in the movie and its a different way of futuristic dressing and the bottom is the wedding dress she uses in the final scene and it's breathtaking the veil is embroided with so many little pearls and I would love to have it for my own wedding but i'm pretty sure it costs a small fortune.
Fall also means new shows and I'm dying to watch Gossip Girls which is coming out on the CW this September and is based on the books by Cecily van Olajoenlkdjfldjodf(she has this funny last name and im not going to bother looking up again)
My housekeeper is from Veracruz and so she believes in random things like just a few minutes ago we were looking at some lizards that like to hang out in my backyard and she tells me that the lizards are dangerous if they get in your house because they can go up your privates while your sleeping and get you pregnant and then you have lizard made me laugh so hard of course i convinced her that humans can not have lizard babies so she relaxed but she doesn't even make this up there myths from her hometown..and now i leave you with a beautiful Chloe red handbag which would be a delight for fall!