Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I know i've been a bad blogger lately but it's a bit difficult for me and this is my first year so give a girl a break...tomorrow are the PSAT's which means buy a huge bottle of water, milanos and get your comfiest sweater and get ready for a long day of testing...how stressful
...now on to the fashion who doesn't love handbags? handbags are my second guilty pleasure right after shoes(i'll try on practically every pair of shoes i like at saks and neiman even if i can't afford them and then only leave with one pair) so i've been looking for the perfect new handbag....i get one every season(every other year i get a really expensive one but normally i'll get like a $200 or $300 for each season) so this year happens to be the year that i get my expensive one so i had my eye on the gorgeous Gucci Indy for quite some time..i love it because you can wear it as a shoulder bag or use the long straps its very chic...so since i've been specially good the cognac colored gucci indy is on the way to my doorstep courtesy of neiman marcus!

secondly i'm looking for a pair of patent boots for fall because patent besides being a trend this fall is an amazing material...i already bought a gorgeous dark purple patent jacket and a red patent tote. Of course beware you're not supposed to wear patent all together only one seperate piece at a time..so i found some amazing patent boots at nine west but they were heels and i really want flats because i just think patent is already overwhelming and patent heeled boots are just way to wild for me...well i'm thinking about it if i can't find a pair i like i'll be buying those for sure and they were on special. i found an enviable pair of strappy patent heels from michael kors on eluxury.com

Lastly, a girl can dream can't she and recently i've been dreaming of 3.1 Phillip Lim, i would kill for one of his pieces there so modern, classic and timeless seriously there not too trendy so you can use them season after season and there so gorgeous and have great tailoring...for those of you who can afford it can a girl get a castoff?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

With the hippie vibe going strong for spring/summer 08 it was no surprise that Paris Fashion Week kicked off with fashion house Balmain sending down models in loose fringed dresses and long hippie locks.

Hippie chic at Balmain

Despite the very strong hippie vibe, sexy and sophisticated reigned supreme at the legendary houses of Fendi, Versace, and Dior. Unfortunately there were some big disappointments from Balenciaga, who created a mix between sci-fi and floral for his collection, and John Paul Gaultier, who had a disastrous collection inspired by pirates and full of cameo print. Who knows what to expect from the much anticipated Chanel, Nina Ricci, and Lanvin collections.Sophisticated in citrus yellow swirls at Fendi

Funnily enough my mom picked up the new Vogue October...which is a miracle...my mom isn't much into buying fashion magazines because she thinks they're too expensive but she loves flipping throught Neiman, Saks and Bergdorf's magazines since she gets them in the mail and she has impeccable style so i don't blame her. So she was looking at the editorial with all the couture gown.....heaven for me...when i was updating my blog last time and she noticed that four of the couture pictures i posted in my post about being a russian countess came out in vogue and she said that i might have an eye for fashion and resumed reading...that made me so happy because my mother is the most difficult person to satisfy...don't get me wrong i love her to pieces but you know how hard it is too live under her roof she is always impeccably dress and expects no less of me especially when they're important functions because first impressions are everything especially in our little city were about 3/4 of the population seem to be swimming in money...and it actually paid off since the day that Bill Clinton came to town to have a press conference at one of my mom's best friends house I was dressed well enough to meet the president even if it was on last minute notice.....i'll finish the article on milan and paris fashion week in a day or two but all i have to say is that unfortunately Balenciaga was extremely disappointing i mean the shapes were unflattering but if he had not covered every odd skirt and shirt combination in floral patterns i think it would have been much better...though i loved those shoes