Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My condolences to the Ledger family and I will keep Heath and his loved one in my prayers and also hope that he won't become just another string of headlines for the media but that his death be treated respectfully....his short 10 years of work has been an inspiration to all and proved that he was a great actor and loving father

Hello bloggers i'm back due to a sprained ankle...i've gotten some free time to post about haute couture week thanks to a tennis warmup gone bad...anyways i'm also wathching the australian open...sharapova v. henin was amazing women's tennis and federer v. blake was also very impressive...anyways this is only the first part of my coverage of my favorite week of all of the fashion year

This is a new designer i heard of called Franck Sorbier...this dress is very reminiscent of Chanel's last season Haute Couture gowns only in a more playful matter with colored graphics against a sheer black dress
This is another Franck Sorbier dress that is also gorgeous...a black turtleneck empire top with a multicolored's very different and very childlike yet sophisticated
Secondly comes Christophe Kosse...this ethereal white dress would be perfect for a wedding if it had a longer front skirt part...the detailed top is perfect for a classic yet edgy dress
I would love to see this dress from Christophe Kosse on Helena Bonham Carter for the would go perfectly with her style and its still a lighter style for her
Finally this sheer black and nude detailed dress which is also a bit reminiscent of Balenciaga's detailed dresses from about four/five seasons ago...anyways its a beautiful dress but hard to wear because of the sheernes
Now to the more renowned designers....Karl Lagerfeld hit a perfect chord for the new couture collection its a mix of ice princess and ballerina..loved the maryjanes with all the outfits but anyways..this black and white dress with the feather trim detail and wide black belt it is right on key with the new trends and still very edgy
This pink confection from Chanel is absolutely adorable and it would look delightful on Ellen Page..if she would be daring enough to wear it Another Chanel dress that has a 20's sort of feel to it the flower and sleeve detail add that unexpected touch
This jacket and skirt combo is a new refreshing younger way to take the traditional Chanel suit into a different light...the jacket would look gorgeous paired with a minidress, longdress, skirts or jeans.
This pink dress is i think exactly what the collection was trying to's a pink ballerina like dress with a one shoulder flower detail that just screams chic....this would be perfect on Emma Watson or Clemence Posey

And the final designer for my first part coverage of couture week is Armani Prive. This white dress also has a ballerina feel to's not very couture because i think it looks like something Valentino would show in a ready to wear but the detailed skirt is gorgeous
This pink dress with a red hem is gorgeous and i think it would look perfect on Marion Cotillard because it would look gorgeous on her hair color and skin color...funny that i'm itching for the oscar's to come around
Finally this ethereal dress from Armani Prive that would also look gorgeous on Cate Blanchett since she's pregnant and the dress would make her have a more softer look and bring out that radiant pregnant glow

Well that was my first wrap up for Haute Couture Week keep looking for a new header...and also my absolute favorite couturier Christian Lacroix

Friday, January 4, 2008

happy new year to everyone! i'm just back from vacation in my father's hometown...were there is no internet...i was quite disconnected from the world but now i'm back...with a new year come resolutions and so now i present you my new years resolutions

1 Learn to Sew(not with a machine)
I know that with a machine its so much easier but garments sewn by hand feel so much more luxurious and anyways if the the world runs out of electricity i'll still be able to make clothes...if i really practice maybe i'll get really good here i come paris!
2. Be Healthier
Practically everyone makes the resolution to lose a few pounds..well i've changed it this year i don't care if i don't lose wait this year i just want to have a healthier lifestyle....walk/run daily and stop eating all the junk food that does a body bad..oranges, peaches and mangoes are just as a good as a hamburger...though i can't give up my sweet tooth because i love sweets but sweets aren't as bad as junk if this makes me shed a few pounds and make me look like one of these girls i won't mind
3. Improve my Tennis Game
I should practice more so i can improve my game...maybe you'll see me at the US Open, eat your heart out Maria Sharapova...if i do make it to the open maybe i can get myself roger federer

4. Be the Best Blogger Ever!!
Okay that's not possible since there are so many good bloggers that i think i can't beat but at least I can try. When i get inspired i can write really well.

5. Get into Colombia
It's my dream college and i would give my left pinky to get into it...hopefully God willing i can get in.

This was a pretty lousy post...but i'll get back to all the good stuff in a few days