Monday, April 28, 2008

I officially turn 17 today and i think its about time i make a new post on this hurts to type thanks to a horrible blister on my finger due to drunk people and cookies last night in Mexico...well after my prom post my mom surprised me with a gorgeous vintage Diane Von Furstenberg dress in a gorgeous pink color so i finally have a dress.

Since its mhy birthday is today i wore my gorgeous yellow layered dress for my lunch today and we're having a casino night tonight! My first outfit post i fell in love with the dress when i found it...the color and the style are perfect.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rhinestone Studded Charmeuse or Green Washed Silk?

So I officially got asked to prom, and in the cutest way too, but i don't want the traditional prom know cleavage down to there, plunging back, rhinestones, tacky shiny bright fabrics..prom in my school is much different most girls wear nice dresses, no one goes around searching for prom dresses in my school we go looking for evening dresses, but most of the time everyone shows up with the same kind of dress or style so this year (im a junior) i can experiment with color and print unlike next year when i become a senior and can only wear white or beige so I saw this gorgeous DVF Maui Maxi Dress in a gorgeous green at Saks, it was like six sizes too big but the color was gorgeous against my tan complexion but then i saw the same style with more color on the i'm in a rut, i've yet to try the second one on but there both in a gorgeous washed silk fabric. Now if it was up to me and money or color was no object then i would definitely get this Matthew Williamson dress that's about $1,000 on Net-a-Porter but its always fun to look at

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Little Old Lady that Lived in a Shoe

Well as much as every other fashionista on the face of earth i love love love shoes...if it was up to me i would spend all my money on fabulous shoes and just walk around naked but i can't do that and i don't have enough money so i have to settle for less. Now if i had a couple thousand to throw down right now i would be running out to go buy these gorgeous (last year) Givenchy pumps worn by the fabulous Carine from French Vogue. Not only would i buy those but the gorgeous Christian Lacroix dainty heels, Givenchy bandage heels, and Guiseppe Zanotti twisted front heels in gorgeous deep purple. Some other fashionistas that have the best shoes around are Nina Garcia...pictured wearing gorgeous Marni's and Teen Vogue's accessories director wearing my favorite pair of Proenza Schouler' once i figure out how to earn all that money wear to store all these fabulous shoes? I'm looking for a chic carry on for travel that could also double for a handbag anyone have any suggestions?