Friday, December 21, 2007

Now if it were up to me all the blogger girls would be getting a piece of the fabulous Missoni Pre Fall was definitely my favorite(Zac Posen came in at 2nd)....but unfortunately that's not so but i'll leave you with the pictures of a scrumptious collection...Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year until January 2008!(Couture collection is up in January as a late Christmas gift from the fashion world)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

So today is juts a random inspirational post...i'll be doing these until january 8th of 2008 since the holidays have snuck up on me...these are just random fashion photos i've found on the internet(mostly at foto decadent and haute photography)and also the last photo is of the london underground signs because i'm going to go to london for four weeks in the summer to study and i'm jumping for joy about it...until next time

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So the pre-fall shows have seems as if the fashion calendar seems to be getting fuller and fuller since now so many designers have done resort and now pre-fall? Instead of the usual 2 seasons its really crazy. Here are some of my favorite looks from the Pre-Fall Collections
This gorgeous blue and green blouse with the black skirt and purple heels from Zac Posen is gorgeous looks perfect for that transition between fall and winter were its not to cold but not too hot
Another look from Zac Posen, now i believe this is a blouse and skirt and it is gorgeous the colors are perfect for pre-fall and it has such great detail on the skirt
This black dress also from Zac Posen is gorgeous for cocktail parties and isn't your typical black dress because of the amazing neckline.
Bravo Lagerfeld! You've made up for your disastrous spring/summer collection..this pre fall collection is very modern Coco Chanel and how amazing is it to have Irina and Sean play at your show...only Karl
Which reminds me I finally bought my first Nylon magazine with MK on the cover...I almost died when i saw it on the HEB Plus shelves this morning...I live on the border to Mexico in a small city were we only get Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, Elle and Vogue and occasionally we are gifted with Spanish Vogue but never have I seen Nylon in our city and today that i found it i quickly snatched it up and loved it! I've seen so many spreads online but have never had a real Nylon in my i'm going to subscribe
Back to Pre-Fall, Oscar de La Renta was his classic flowery usual self but it was wonderful especially this dress which i loved more than all the's such a classic shape with a twist
Carolina Herrera's collection wasn't very great but i loved this dress because its so classic and simple and if you pair it with gorgeous Lanvin pumps and great accessories its a great look
Finally this great coat from Zac Posen(i think he was my favorite pre-fall show) which reminds me of military chic but in a completely new way...its a wonderful coat to play up any outfit
Sorry for the rather short post but mid terms are coming up and i must study for a while

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What i really want for Christmas is the new Vogue Paris with Charlotte Gainsbourg as guest editor. Unfortunately the steep pricing in the states for this magazine has made my mom say that it's ridiculous to pay that kind of money for a magazine. No mother not for Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Monday, December 3, 2007

It's December! The holiday season has officially begun and i'm squirming in my Rudolph slippers. I'm back from our Thanksgiving visit to Houston and have begun practicing for our annual dance recital in February....waltz, tango, flamenco, ballet...and i'm also practicing to sing a duo with a friend of mine for a recital. So I'll be a pretty busy girl this month and also I'm studying for SAT's and designing costumes for Phantom of the Opera...i draw the sketches then they're made into real life by seamstresses...i can't wait to start making the dress for the masquerade. So I went to shopbop the other day and oh my i saw these gorgeous shoes. These black pumps by Alessandro Dell' Acqua followed by gorgeous ankle boot looking pumps by Banfi Zambrelli and finally my favorite pair the black, beige and grey pumps also from Alessandro Dell'Acqua. I know this is a rather short post but practice starts in a few minutes and i will be late if i don't get going.....p.s. I noticed i hadn't edited my profile and now i've added my email if anyone needs to get a hold of me