Monday, November 5, 2007

....i know i know finally i'm back...but i always am thanks to my mom who decided to take my laptop charger with her on her trip to Panama and didn't tell me i've been disconnected for quite some time and so to make up for not blogging for quite a while i've spent the last week researching vintage it may seem easy but its actually much harder than you think to find gorgeous mint condition vintage couture gowns so here i bring you only the creme de la creme available on the lovely of course since these are vintage couture gowns i suggest you don't put them on your christmas list for santa since santa probably can't afford such expensive dresses
So before we jump knee deep into vintage designers i'll start with a less known designer...straight from the city of the double deckers and giant clocks i bring you jean muir..these two dresses are so simple yet extremely elegant and they are timeless, the beige beaded one reminds me of marches and the va va voom red one reminds me of mr. valentino
Next on the list comes a plunging v back Lanvin gown in dark blue and green its extremely elegant and yet a bit sexy with the back
I about had a cardiac arrest when i saw these two Lanvin gowns...i mean its already amazing that this is vintage Lanvin but ever since i saw hercules i've always wanted to find a gown like Meg's(if that is her name)now its not purple but the beautiful pink totally beats the purple its so gorgeous that i'm trying to convince my mom to buy it for this charity event now the other pink pale gown is pretty don't get me wrong but looks like something you can find for much less than 1500 at a good evening gown store
Now this one was pretty rare because i found loads of vintage chanel suits but not a lot of chanel dresses and this one particularly caught my eye...i guess the layers and layers of chiffon in that gorgeous beige with undertones of pink and the breathtaking neckline if i ever got nominated for a golden globe i would definitely consider this
Now this is a vintage Christian Dior and yet it looks like something from the last collection(of course after this post i'm going to and looking at his last 4 collections and see if i can pinpoint it) anywhos this gorgeous purple color and the cute empire waist are definitely worth it
This is a Galliano vintage ikat coat and this would go perfectly with this season's tribal vibe now if this baby didn't cost app. $1000 i would be the first one to buy it and i would wear it with everything..jeans, dresses, skirts believe me everything
Vintage Givenchy...sounds so chic non? it reminds me of audrey hepburn i like the one no the lefts especially with the fringed skirt..if it were up and i had the money my closet would be full of feathered and fringed dresses, oversized clutches, sky high platforms and vintage cartier oversized watches and cocktail rings and this would be my favorite dress..maybe i'll get back to you on that if i find something else
Another vintage givenchy confection and this one was actually made by hubert de givenchy so that's double rare...sounds like i'm talking about pokemon cards...anyways its a gorgeous classic black gown with dark purple undertones and it still looks modern even though its like from the 50's
Now this dress i practically died when i saw's the most gorgeous flapper dress ever and if i could i would buy this and wear it to prom even if the theme is something like futuristic or topless mardi gras nights(which i would doubt since we're a catholic school)this dress had not designer name and yet its absolutely gorgeous....if the world was fair and beautiful i would own this dress, everyone would have something to eat, their would be peace, bush wouldn't be president, and britney spears was a successful beautiful pop star and caring mother but the world my friends is not fair if you haven't noticed(oh and my boyfriend would be hayden christensen)
Now i've saved the absolutely best for last....vintage Balenciaga, now vintage Balenciaga is as rare as finding a virgin in the red district of amsterdam(if you get my jist)so when i found these next four gowns i screamed so loud my housekeeper almost called the cops(thank god she didn't)and if you didn't know Cristobal Balenciaga is my all time favorite designer of all time.period and christian lacroix comes in second
this silver gown is so geometrical looking and super modern because silver is one of the colors of the season and who cares if its modern Balenciaga has the most impecable tailoring in the world
so even if your bloated this gown will make you look like a million bucks(it better for the big price tag it comes with)
Now this red balenciaga gown is really that would think there was a crinoline underneath this baby but no this vintage gown has lots of layers it look like a delectable red velvet layered cake if i ever become famous and go to a Met gala or the oscars this would be my #1 pick hands down for that night even if the style at the time is gold leggings, green tube dresses, purple tutus and tin foil jewelry i could care less i would wear this lets just hope i find it in a couple of years(maybe i should put it on hold for like eight years from now)
Lastly and certainly not least this ivory white balenciaga couture call me crazy but i would get married in this because its a beautiful work of art and its balenciaga for crying out loud i think i would get married in practically any vintage balenciaga gown even the red one above who cares if its not white i would get married in that too there so impecably tailored and im off to see how much years it will take to save up money for one of these gowns with my birthday money

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and if you(like me) can't afford vintage couture gowns you can find vintage evening gowns and clothes at:
i'm hoping to find a cute dress for prom on one of these sites because if you buy vintage no one else will have your dress and it will be much more unique and more fashionable my dears!


WendyB said...

That Lanvin gown with the low back is amazing.

J´adoreBags! said...

Valentino moment: the red is fatal

Carolina Lange said...

Wow, love this post, so many amazing dresses. The Balenciaga silver gown is my favourite!

coco said...

some of these are so stunning
i love the Lanvin dresses

LML said...

marvelous dresses! i love shopping for vintage dresses, only that most of them are like a size 18 inch waist - bring on the corset lol!

and im kinda obsessing over the shoes you have pictures on your blog :P

Cris Lazoru said...

Amazing post. I love all the Balenciaga and the Lanvin


Bojana said...

Great blog!! I LOVE your header

Teresa said...

I love the Lanvin! Sadly the only vintage I encounter is a lot of knockoff Gucci bags and leftover Micheal Kors stock at the thriftstores.