Monday, March 17, 2008

Alright so my second favorite collection for fall/winter was Balenciaga...even though it is almost always on the top of my list this season there is one collection that has beat it. I loved his fall collection it sort of plays on the same clothing structure as spring season but in a darker and different way.
My absolute favorite look from the collection its so artsy but not in a hippie kind of way more in a modern kind of way..Ghesquiere certainly knows how to reinvent the line every season
Once again the Balenciaga shoes are to die for i love these boots they seem to be made out of organza, very light and feminine to go along with the artsy structural look of the collection
I love this point booty its a very architectural looking heel that I would happily spend all my birthday and christmas money on a pair of these

Now on to the rest of the Balenciaga to reinvent the little black dress in a modern sexy new way

This classic white black dress that looks different than every other white and black evening look because of the structured hip
This grey jacket and skirt are so refined and chic...its gorgeous and so understated its made out of such a gorgeous different fabric and a great structure like the rest of the collection
A very unexpected evening dress in a great structure and great fabric and a gorgeous color
It seems reminiscent of his urban tribal dress but with a twist the yellow,silver,gray, and blue mix so well and are elegantly pulled together by a black belt

Since Balenciaga came in 2nd can you guess who won 1st place? Well when i post it i think most of you will agree that in all fairness the #1 collection definitely blows #2 out of the water


coco said...

Those white shoes are crazy
slightly 80's and I'm unsure if I like them or not!

discothequechic said...

I agree with coco that she shoes are crazy, but for me, it's in a good way!

LML said...

gorgeous show - i hadnt really noticed the shoes - lvoe em'

lolalondon said...

i love your blog ! and LOVE all the shoes. oh die for.