Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Funnily enough my mom picked up the new Vogue October...which is a miracle...my mom isn't much into buying fashion magazines because she thinks they're too expensive but she loves flipping throught Neiman, Saks and Bergdorf's magazines since she gets them in the mail and she has impeccable style so i don't blame her. So she was looking at the editorial with all the couture gown.....heaven for me...when i was updating my blog last time and she noticed that four of the couture pictures i posted in my post about being a russian countess came out in vogue and she said that i might have an eye for fashion and resumed reading...that made me so happy because my mother is the most difficult person to satisfy...don't get me wrong i love her to pieces but you know how hard it is too live under her roof she is always impeccably dress and expects no less of me especially when they're important functions because first impressions are everything especially in our little city were about 3/4 of the population seem to be swimming in money...and it actually paid off since the day that Bill Clinton came to town to have a press conference at one of my mom's best friends house I was dressed well enough to meet the president even if it was on last minute notice.....i'll finish the article on milan and paris fashion week in a day or two but all i have to say is that unfortunately Balenciaga was extremely disappointing i mean the shapes were unflattering but if he had not covered every odd skirt and shirt combination in floral patterns i think it would have been much better...though i loved those shoes


Jennifer said...

love that picture on the header of your blog, I haven't seen it before!

penelope said...

love love the balmain's dress and the hair!! omg! now i dont know how to ged my hair done at the salon. haha!

anyhow thanks for d comment! i <3 stripes too=p hehe.