Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Unfortunately i've had very little time to blog in between tennis practices, getting all worried about college and the SAT's and trying to conquest the man i love heart and not to mention writing both the entertainment and fashion articles in the school newspaper i'm a busy girl. Nonetheless i bring you a post now even if you are the straightest girl in the world we all have girl crushes and my all time biggest girl crushes go to Mrs. Natalia Vodianova Portman and Ms. Natalie Portman.

First comes Natalia Vodianova who i believe happens to be the best russian model...there's so many of them but natalia truly outshines them all and she was the one who really brought the babydoll face trend back to the runway.
When I saw this Vogue I almost wanted to cry...well not really but still this is one of the smart things that Anna Wintour has done who can command the middle of a magazine cover full of beautiful outstanding models and outshine Gisele? Natalia of course! Not to mention she really is something to look up to she has a son and another one on the way and came straight from the poverty stricken streets of Moscow to rise up as one of the greatest models of all time

Along with being an exceptional model the girl also has great style this light pink confection looks wonderful with her skin tone and short bobbed brown hair.
Next comes the amazing Natalie Portman i absolutely love her she's such a great actress, a smart woman and stunning and she can look chic with huge headphones on her head. Her work in V for Vendetta and Closer was amazing and I can't wait to watch her three upcoming movies Goya's Ghosts, The Other Boleyn Girl, and Blueberry Nights
I loved how she looked on the cover of Elle a few years back it was amazing i fell in love with the cover. She looks amazing in this Versace confection! George Lucas was smart hiring Portman for the role of Padme since she makes all the futuristic outfits look chic
And finally Natalie in a beautiful black frock from Lanvin at if i'm not mistaken the oscars this year...she grew her hair back but even when she was bald she looked gorgeous..can you tell i have a huge girl crush on her
Well thats it for this post sorry if it was a bit short but i will be back and post the article i wrote in my newspaper for fashion! Auf Wierdehesen! Don't forget Project Runway comes back in november!


LML said...

i kno how u feel about college, SATs and boys! senior year?
neways - i love natalie portman and her futuristic chic style :)
i cant wait to see the other boylen girl!

penelope said...

i love natalie!!! she's just so diff frm the usual holly crowd!!
and i'm so so jealous of her! she's so smart!! and so so pretty!!

YSLfashionista said...

Yeah, it's kinda sorta not fair.

hannah said...

i love love love natalie portman! she is gorgeous!