Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fasshion Rantings: So I picked up the August Vogue with Winona Ryder on the cover....I've yet to read the article though i'm interested in reading about the incident at Saks that's going to be a laugh...anyways i ran across an article called talking 'bout(yup vogue did it straight up ghetto) and its about young girls and their fashion choices...the girls in the article are like freshmen and juniors you know all pretty much around my age so i thought what a relief finally a real high fashion article about girls like me(well they're more sane) anywho's i was completely wrong these girls are far from my budget here's a sample ....Quinn Jackson who's fifteen and love's Chloe...only in my dreams do freshmen girls walk around in Chloe or even anything that isn't hollister or abercrombie and fitch...alright to continue anyways the article goes on to say other crazy things like that it's acceptable to wear brands like Stella McCartney and Chloe but with lower budget things and finds from your grandmother's closet...yea sure Stella and Chloe are acceptable if you can even flippin afford it..
most girls: vogue kind of girls:

puhlease but its vogue you can't expect an article on how to look cute and not wearing one single designer item...but vogue as sucky as american vogue tends to still make me want to have a closet larger than my room and blow of a month's salary to buy an amazing pair of shoes instead of paying the rent...which reminds me fall's coming up damn right! that makes me very happy since summer isn't my season seeing as you have to wear bathing suits and i prefer to shop online than go work out though eventually i do have to do it thanks to my genes...okay back to what i was trying to say i need ankle boots for fall and if i could get any ankle boots i wanted to get this babies are the ticket...i would give an arm and a leg for this piece of shoe heaven...call me weird because i am but heaven to me is having every pair of shoes i wanted on the face of the earth in my closetthe other day my cousin cleaned out her closet since she's heading back to parsons in a few weeks so i got to go her house and pick out some stuff that didn't fit her anymore and i picked up like five pairs of jeans in all different shades of blue and one pair of black skinnies...which means damn right! i can waist all my money on tops, cardigans and shoes!!!!! for the fall....ohh i'm tired and hungry...i feel like eating chocolate cake oh! chocolate torte from vienna that stuff is amazing so if you ever go to vienna pick up some chocolate torte for sure and if you don't you missed out on vienna for sure must improvise...oh well i guess chocolate truffles will have to do...i need a sweater for fall seeing as how sweaters are for fall as minidresses were for summer and if i could have any sweater the lush white McQ sweater on Net a porter...funny how net a porter happens to be my most visited website and i've yet to buy anything from it...farewell my dahlings until next time i've got a hot neighbor to stalk right now(kidding..though i wish)

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